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Windshield Replacement and Calibrations for Toyota Vehicles

When driving in places like San Bernardino, CA, it's crucial to have a clear view and a vehicle that functions correctly. Direct Quality Auto Glass offers cost-effective solutions for Toyota windshield replacements, Windshield repair, Power window repair, sunroof repair, and calibration services, ensuring your safety and vehicle reliability without breaking the bank.

Toyota camry windshield replacement and calibrations
Toyota camry needs a windshield and calibration

Specialized in Toyota Windshield Replacements and Calibrations

Your Toyota plays a crucial role in daily transportation, acting as a reliable partner on the road. A clear and intact windshield is essential for protection and visibility. Direct Quality Auto Glass specializes in servicing All Toyota vehicles, ensuring each windshield repair, replacement, and calibration is done carefully.

Advanced Calibration for Safety

Newer Toyota models are equipped with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) like automatic braking and lane-keeping assist, which depend on the windshield's condition. The calibration services ensure that after a windshield replacement, your car's safety features work correctly, helping keep you safe on the road.

We only use equipment that follows the safety standards and calibration procedures written by Toyota ADAS engineers.

Affordable Services

Safety and quality should be accessible to everyone. That's why Direct Quality Auto Glass in San Bernardino, CA, provides its services at a reasonable price. This approach ensures that Toyota owners can afford necessary windshield replacements and calibration services, prioritizing safety for all.

Toyota windshield calibration cost varies depending on the year, make, and model of the vehicle.

Toyota Windshield Replacement Cost

*Always provide your VIN number to help us identify the correct part number. Sadly, Toyota makes 2-8 windshield part numbers per vehicle.

*Prices will always vary on the year, make and model. (let us know if you read this article, and we can help save you additional money)

Toyota Corolla windshield replacement costs range from $165 - $500+

Toyota Camry windshield replacement costs $165 - $500+

Toyota Tacoma windshield replacement costs $165 - $500+

Toyota Rav4 windshield replacement costs $165 - $500+

Toyota Highlander windshield replacement costs $165 - $500+

Toyota Tundra windshield replacement costs $165 - $500+

Toyota Avalon windshield replacement costs $165 - $500+

Aftermarket and OEM Toyota Windshield Wipers are installed by request.

Knowing how valuable your time is, Direct Quality Auto Glass aims to offer fast and efficient services. Their skilled team ensures your vehicle is ready as soon as possible without compromising on the quality of work so you can get back to your daily activities safely. Most glass repairs and replacements typically take 1 to 4 hours to complete. We calibrate Toyota windshields to factory specifications.

Toyota corolla needs windshield replacement and calibrations

Toyota windshield replacement at a dealership?

Have you ever wondered who does auto glass replacements at a dealership since the dealership does not have automotive glass technicians?

Dealerships like Toyota call the most affordable auto glass shop or mobile auto glass repair truck to replace the automotive glass in your vehicle.

Is the hired auto glass person by the dealership someone you can trust with your investment?

The answer depends on whether the technician is certified by the Auto Glass Safety Council, has proper knowledge about the adhesive retention system that can help save your life in an accident, and, lastly, respects and values his or her workmanship.

At Direct Quality Auto Glass, we take auto glass very seriously. We meet and exceed the auto glass safety standards, and we are known internationally for safe auto glass replacements.

Your Safety Partner

In San Bernardino, CA, Direct Quality Auto Glass provides Toyota vehicles with top-quality windshield replacement and calibration services. We focus on quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction, which means you can trust us with your vehicle's needs. Ensuring your windshield is clear and your vehicle's systems are accurately calibrated is essential for a safe driving experience.

Visit Direct Quality Auto Glass for reliable auto glass services that combine safety with affordability. These services ensure that your journeys are safe and your view is unobstructed.

Are there places that replace windshields like Direct Quality Auto Glass? Yes, Find a windshield replacement expert at



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