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The Ugly Truth About Auto Glass Shops and Your Safety - "Car Windshield Repair Shop Near Me"

Updated: May 13, 2023

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The first thing to do in a qualified search, is to search "car windshield repair shop near me"

Here you will find many shops claiming to do the right thing, but in reality they are not. This Blog post will help you find the right glass shop.

Auto glass repairs and replacements can be a costly affair, and if not dealt with correctly, could lead to serious consequences. Most people are unaware of the safety risks involved and are easily persuaded by auto glass shops offering low prices. However, this could be a grave mistake that could cost more than just a few dollars. In this blog post, we will explore the ugly truth about auto glass shops and their impact on your safety. So, what do you need to know? Keep reading to find out.

Not all auto glass shops are created equal, and unfortunately, some prioritize profit over safety. Most shops use cheap and low-quality glass to cut costs, which can result in numerous dangers for drivers. Cheap glass is likely to break into shards in case of an accident, causing severe injuries. You might save a few bucks, but you will be risking your safety and that of your passengers. Always look for auto glass shops that use high-quality Aftermarket or OEM glass to ensure safety.

Here at Direct Quality Auto Glass our customers safety is our main priority. We are well know by local auto glass shops and auto glass warehouses for being "The picky shop" - "The shop that's returning a bad defective part" - "The shop that catches every detail" - "The shop that will not take a contaminated windshield with them". Although these are good things to hear, Our local warehouses are not happy with us because we take too long to check parts. Parts that customers Need, We always say this "The customer works hard for their money, Why give them a bad part?"

Did you know that the installation process plays a vital role in ensuring your safety? Poor installations can lead to dangerous consequences, including wind noise, water leaks, air leaks, and even glass ejection during an accident. Most auto glass shops employ inexperienced technicians or use poor installation methods, leading to incorrect installations. Always opt for certified and experienced technicians to guarantee safe installations.

In this next picture we call this the "Windshield Wiper Salute" or in other words, The auto glass shop giving you the "middle finger". This is letting you know that #1. They do not care about YOU. #2. They Just want your money #3. They took short cuts 4#. They used an adhesive that allows you to drive the vehicle 10+ hours after installation #5. They didn't believe your vehicle was worth the extra work.

Poor windshield installation
Poor Windshield replacement

The insurance company may refer you to their preferred auto glass shop (Safe____), but do not rush into it without scrutiny. Most of these shops may use the cheapest and least durable auto glass to save costs, ultimately putting you and your passengers at risk. You must do your due diligence and choose an auto glass shop that puts your safety first, regardless of whether it's a preferred shop or not. You have the right to choose whom you want to carry out your auto glass repair or replacement. Remember, Do not let your insurance company "steer you away" by telling you that other shops are not certified. They are liars and have open law suits because of their steering.

Advertisements offering rock-bottom prices or deals that sound too good to be true should always ring alarm bells in your head. Most auto glass shops use low-quality materials, use inexperienced technicians, or rush through the installation process to make these low offers. As a result, you may end up paying more in the long run due to repairs or replacements that could have been avoided. Always prioritize quality, even if you have to pay a little extra.

Too good to be true
Cheap windshield replacement

Choosing an auto glass shop that prioritizes your safety should be the top priority when dealing with auto glass repairs or replacements. Take your time to select a shop with certified technicians who use high-quality AFTER MARKET or OEM glass. Do not compromise on quality, irrespective of the cost, as it could result in dangerous consequences. Advertisements that offer low prices or best prices may be tempting, but the long-term cost of installing low-quality glass could be too much. Always prioritize safety above all else and do not hesitate to ask questions or do further research before settling on an auto glass shop.

To Find the Highest qualified Auto Glass Shop near you. Go to

You will then type in your Zip Code.

If you are in the San Bernardino County and are looking for a high quality windshield replacement shop with Master auto glass technicians please contact Direct Quality Auto Glass at (909)251-6568 or visit us at

"Your safety is our priority"


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