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Auto Glass San Bernardino

Direct quality auto glass was founded in 2008. We are a Specialized and only certified auto repair shop in San Bernardino. We do meet and exceed all DOT standards. We ensure the authenticity of all the parts that you will get with our services. We are passionate about windshield repair, power window repair, sunroof repair & windshield replacements.
We do follow the latest technology in the auto glass industry to provide the highest quality on a daily basis. Direct-quality auto glass is selected every year to compete in Auto glass competitions.  Auto glass safety council has chosen us for the best services. We also advise other companies related to quality control and services. Here you will get assured quality with a personal touch. Our price structure has no match. you will get the best quotes for every part here with us.
We have world-class repair kits always available to ensure that you will get the best quality. Our team is the master in replacements and we can guarantee that all the work done with us will give the highest degree of durability. We have spent Thousands of dollars researching and purchasing the proper equipment to leave your ADAS systems working 100%. Your safety is our priority. The most important part which you may like is that Direct quality auto glass takes pride in 100% customer satisfaction.
It is important to know the quality and other important parameters of the product for your vehicle. In the blog section of Direct quality auto glass, you will find all the required information. Here we are making an effort to educate you on various aspects of automotive safety. We will try to inform you about the quality difference between products and services, along with all safety measures you must take care of.
Read and get informed about all the requirements of your vehicle. You can also contact us for more information.

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