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How to tell if a windshield replacement is good or bad

Updated: Nov 7

Are all windshield replacements performed to factory specifications? No, only 10% follow the Safety Standards.

A windshield is not just a piece of glass that protects us from wind and debris while driving. Your car's safety relies a lot on the windshield. It's like a bodyguard, giving support and protection during a crash. So, when you get a windshield replaced, make sure it's put in properly to keep you and your passengers safe. Safe windshields save lives!

Unfortunately, not all windshield installations are of equal quality. In this blog post, we will discuss how to recognize a low vs high quality windshield replacements.

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#1 Check the quality of the glass:

The first factor to consider when evaluating a windshield installation is the quality of the glass used. A good windshield needs to be tough, it needs to be glass that can handle hits. Cheaper ones might chip easily, making them more likely to crack or break. When inspecting the glass, look for any visual defects, such as bubbles, scratches, or warping, which could indicate lower quality.

#2 Ask what Adhesive is being used:

Another critical element of a windshield installation is the adhesive used to hold the glass in place. High-quality adhesives are designed to bond securely to the car's frame and will not break down over time.

However, if the adhesive used is of poor quality, it may not have the right ingredients to bond properly. This can result in problems like leaks, rattling, and even the windshield coming off the car. To avoid this, ask the person installing the windshield about the adhesive they use. Also, make sure to inquire about the minimum drive away times (MDAT). This is important for your safety in case of an accident. The vehicle should not be released until the adhesive has met the MDAT.

#3 Check if the glass is in Alignment:

A properly installed windshield should be aligned with the car's body, ensuring a tight seal and preventing leaks. In addition to being aesthetically unpleasing, a poor alignment can compromise the integrity of the windshield and the vehicle's overall safety. Look for any uneven gaps or spaces between the glass and the car's frame, which could indicate an improperly aligned windshield.

#4 Inspect for Cleanliness:

Installing a windshield is a complex process that requires precision and attention to detail. A high-quality installer will take their time and ensure that all debris and contaminants are removed from the windshield before installation. A professional technician will follow all safety standards and prepare the bonding surface according to factory specifications.

#5 Examine the Customer service:

Think about how well the installer treats their customers. Customer service is important when considering how well the installer treats their customers. A good company will answer your questions and provide you with a warranty. They will also offer assistance with any concerns you may have after the windshield installation. A good installer will take responsibility for their work and ensure the safety of your windshield. A good installer will take responsibility for their work and make sure your windshield is safe.

In conclusion:

The quality of a windshield replacement can have a significant impact on the safety and performance of your vehicle. To ensure a high-quality installation, pay attention to the glass quality, adhesive used, alignment, cleanliness, and customer service provided by the installer. By choosing a reputable and experienced company, you can trust that your windshield installation will be of the highest quality and protect you and your passengers in the event of an accident.

Final words from Raul the owner of Direct Quality Auto Glass:

Please keep in mind that you work really hard for your money and you only deserve a quality windshield installation. Shop smart, don't always go for the cheapest option or the cooperate guys because things look good on the outside, Your windshield is a safety device and not everyone is qualified to install your windshield. Shop smart and find a proper professional at for a proper glass replacement or chip repair

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