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Can you trust your local Automotive Dealership?

Some local Automotive dealerships may cut corners to save money when replacing your windshield

automotive dealer windshield replacement

The trustworthiness of your local automotive dealership in safely replacing your windshield can vary based on the specific dealership and their practices. This blog post will help you find the right auto glass repair shop for all your windshield repair, windshield replacement, window repair, sunroof repair and ADAS Calibration needs. Here are some factors to consider:


Research the reputation of the dealership. Look for reviews and testimonials from other customers who have had their windshields or other services done at the dealership. Online reviews or word-of-mouth recommendations can provide insights into the quality of their work.

Certifications and Training:

Check if the dealership has their own technicians or if they sublet their work to a second or third party car window replacement shop. Ask if any of the automotive glass technicians are certified and if they are well-trained in windshield replacement. Technicians with proper certifications and training are more likely to perform the job correctly and safely. Consider these questions

  1. What is the minimum drive away time (MDAT)? We recommend Sika Ultimate because its a 30 minute drive away adhesive. In 30 minutes it meets the requirements to be driven properly on the road again.

  2. Are they a Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC)-Registered Member Company? Only a few shops are truly Certified. Find Certified shop at

  3. Do they meet or exceed the safety standards. Click Here to read about Safety Standards.

  4. Can the technicians show proof of proper training or a certification? A technician that has pride in their workmanship will have evidence of proper training and certifications.

Quality of Materials:

Inquire about the quality of the replacement materials they use. Reputable dealerships usually use high-quality, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or equivalent glass and adhesives to ensure safety and performance.

If you are paying for top dollar windshield replacement and you requested OEM glass, please check on one of the lower corners of the windshield for the "BUG LABEL" it should have the manufactures logo. In most cases an aftermarket ( not original ) windshield could be used as long as it meets or exceeds safety standard regulations.

The dealership should provide you a detailed invoice labeling what adhesive was used, the minimum drive away time, lot number, batch number and expiration dates of the product.

Insurance and Warranty:

Check if the dealership offers a warranty on their windshield replacement work. Additionally, ensure that the dealership is properly insured, so you are covered in case of any issues arising from the replacement.

If your vehicle is equipped with Advance Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) Please ask for a Pre and post inspection report. Most locations do not perform the calibrations but rather give you a report. Ask for proof of calibration.

Ask Questions:

Don't hesitate to ask questions about the repair replacement process of the Glass installation, the type of glass used, the time required for the replacement, and any other concerns you may have. A trustworthy dealership will be transparent and willing to address your queries.

There is no such thing as a Dumb Question when it comes to your safety.

Here at Direct Quality Auto Glass we enjoy answering any auto glass questions that you may have. Knowledge is Power.

Compare Prices:

While cost should not be the sole determining factor, it's still a good idea to compare prices for windshield replacement services. However, be cautious of significantly lower prices, as they may indicate the use of inferior materials or inadequate workmanship.

Always look for credibility, DO NOT simply look for reviews. Most Auto Glass replacement service centers buy reviews online to make their profiles look strong and reliable.

Check for Certification and Compliance:

Ensure that the dealership complies with local regulations and industry standards for windshield replacement. Certification by relevant automotive associations can be a positive indicator.

The Auto Glass Safety Council developed a Auto Glass Safety Standard. The Standard represents the auto glass replacement industry’s current best practices as determined by a broad-based balanced committee of auto glass replacement practitioners, trainers, suppliers and other interested parties.

It is not mandatory to participate in the standard but a proper trained auto glass repair technician will follow the regulations.

Here at Direct Quality Auto Glass replacement in San Bernardino CA we have achieved the highest training. We are one of the few Master Auto Glass Technicians in the United States.

Get Multiple Quotes:

Consider obtaining quotes from multiple dealerships or auto glass service providers to compare services and pricing. This can give you a better idea of what is reasonable and help you make an informed decision. Remember, go to to find a proper professional near you.

In summary, while there are reputable dealerships that can safely replace your windshield, it's essential to do your due diligence. Research their reputation, certifications, and materials used, and ask questions to ensure that you feel confident in their ability to perform a safe and reliable windshield replacement

Direct quality auto glass specializes in auto glass repair in san bernardino CA. If you have a broken glass or power window issues we have a wide range of parts in our inventory to help you with your windshield repair in san bernardino and windshield replace in san bernardino.

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