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Semi Truck Windshield Replacement

Why Your Semi Truck Windshield Replacement Should Only Be Done by Professionals

Every time you hit the road in your semi truck, you are susceptible to all sorts of hazards, such as rocks, pebbles, and debris that can hit the windshield. A small chip or crack on your windshield can significantly affect your driving visibility and put your safety at risk. Therefore, it's crucial to take windshield repair and replacement seriously and make sure only professionals handle the job.


 Proper Equipment and Tools:- Professional auto glass technicians have access to the most up-to-date tools and equipment needed to repair or replace your semi truck's windshield. They have specialized tools that allow them to take out the broken glass and prepare the frame for a new windshield. They also use high-quality adhesives specifically designed for trucks, which offer a much-needed secure bond that can withstand the hustle and bustle of freight transportation.


Expertise and Experience:- Repairing or replacing a windshield on a semi truck is a challenging job that requires a high level of expertise and experience. Only a professional with years of experience in the field can ensure a job well done. An expert technician can examine the damage caused and correctly assess the best course of action to take, whether repair or replacement. They can also evaluate the quality of the adhesive, ensure the glass is sealed correctly, and air seal to guarantee perfect visibility.


 Safety Standards:- Professional auto glass technicians are certified and understand the importance of adhering to all safety standards during windshield repairs and replacements. The safety standards require the correct installation of the windshield to ensure that the windshield remains in place, should the truck be involved in an accident or collision. A wrongly installed windshield poses a safety hazard to the driver and other motorists on the road.


Insurance Cover:- Most professional windshield replacement companies work with various insurance companies and can assist you in navigating the insurance claim process. They can help you by communicating directly with your insurance company and ensure that you get the best compensation possible for any damaged or broken glass.


Time and Cost-efficient:- Professional windshield replacement companies guarantee quick and efficient service, which means less downtime for your freight business. A professional technician can replace your windshield within the day, reducing the time you spend off the road. Also, by using high-quality products, you save on costs by not having to keep replacing the windshield.


At Direct Quality Auto Glass , we understand the importance of proper semi  truck windshield replacement for semi trucks. We use only the highest quality materials and adhere to all safety standards. Contact us today to get your windshield replaced professionally! 

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